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  • For your mind relaxation
    Welcome to the Cross Park
  • While relaxing
    you can also enjoy game viewing
  • Experience the untamed beauty of nature
  • Host your Braai party
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The Cross Park

The Cross Park is situated along Leopards Hill road, 15km from Crossroads mall and 7km from state lodge checkpoint, Lusaka. We offer an excellent outdoor environment for different kinds of parties, get togethers and perfect environment away from home. We now have accommodation at affordable prices. 

What makes The Cross Park Zambia special: Fresh air with 100% sunshine from sunrise to sunset during winter, hence visitors enjoy sunbath on the generally north-facing ground slopes; and as the sun crosses the equinox on it's way to the southern hemisphere, The Cross Park offers tree shades which shield the intense heat from the sun. The above weather is supplemented by the water ponds which waft vapour in the air, creating a humidity-rich environment. The mix of the above makes a serene natural environment conducive for both human and wildlife, making it a must-see destination hub just outside of  Lusaka, Zambia.




Weekends: K100 adults, K50 Kids 

Weekdays: K50 Adults, K25 Kids

Education Tour: K100 Per kid




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